Zdjęcie główne 2013

6th International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR / 2013

13th – 19th July 2013, Poznan

Animator's ambition was, is and will be to enable the Polish viewer to get acquainted with what is most important in the world of artistic animation, and the foreign guests (as well as the younger audience) with the most valuable achievements of Polish animation. This year's program adheres strongly to these assumptions. First of all, at Animator 2013 we will present a broad overview of the achievements of Priit Pärn - the creator of the power of Estonian animation - and his wife Olga, with whom he currently works. We also want to take a closer look at what is happening in Russia. In this block we have prepared a retrospective of the Grand Prix winner of last year's festival - Dmitri Geller. We will also show the program of young Russian animation and student etudes from SHAR School-Studio, currently a leading university educating animators.

This year, at the most important and longest-running international animated film competition in Annecy, a large presentation of Polish animation took place. We, in turn, in cooperation with this festival will present an extremely interesting and complex French programme.

2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the death of the pioneers of Polish experimental animation, Franciszka and Stefan Themerson. We decided to honor their memory with two sets of Polish films, which in a way continue two threads of the work of these outstanding artists: abstract and surreal.

One of the specialties of our festival is also presenting unconventional artists who escape easy pigeonholing. This category includes the American animator and performer John Dilworth, who achieved great commercial success with the series for Cartoon Network Courage - the Cowardly Dog.

The traditional music block is preparing for us this year. Its brightest point will be the world premiere of the triptych by the excellent Theodor Ushev with live music performed by the l'Autunno Orchestra conducted by Adam Banaszak. Piotr Bosacki from Poznań will also be present in this part with a concert and a film screening.

And as always, we do not forget about the youngest viewers, for whom we are of course preparing an Animator for Children, as well as workshops and competitions. As every year, we make every effort to ensure that the latter include new excellent films, both by recognized filmmakers with a large output, and those who are just taking their first steps on the international scene, but already showing remarkable talent.

Marcin Giżycki, Artistic Director of the Festival

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Awarded films

GRAND PRIX / GOLDEN PEGASUS: “Ab ovo” Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Poland 2012


III AWARD / BRONZE PEGASUS: “Toto” Zbigniew Czapla, Poland 2013

SPECIAL AWARD FOR THE BEST MUSIC FILM / MUSIC: “Paula” Dominic Etienne Simard, music by Ramachandra Borcar, Canada 2011

SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE MASTERY OF ANIMATION TECHNIQUES: “Obida / The Wound” Anna Budanova, Russian Federation 2013

AUDIENCE AWARD: “Head Over Heels” Timothy Reckart, UK 2012

SPECIAL AWARD FOR BEST FEATURE FILM: “Consuming Spirits” Chris Sullivan, USA 2012







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