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For your convenience, uses cookie files to match the service to users’ needs and also for statistical purposes. 

Cookies are small text files downloaded by the visited Internet sites onto the user’s device (computer, phone, etc.). Cookies do not contain any personal data.

Our webpage uses two types of cookie files:

  • performance cookies (collecting information on the way in which the website is used by visitors, e.g. most frequently visited pages, error messages, etc.),
  • functional cookies (recording user settings, e.g. language, consents, etc.), such as:
      • cookies – serve the purpose of keeping the statistics for the website; a detailed description of how they operate and the privacy policy of Google Analytics can be found at
      • cookies – are used to keep track of the manner in which users use the webpage; for a detailed description of how those cookies operate and the privacy policy visit,
      • session cookies – these are temporary pieces of information stored in the browser memory until the session is closed.

Third party websites linked to may also use cookies other than listed above, specifically login cookies or cookies providing targeted ads. All cookies used by partners of the website operator, specifically cookies of website users, are subject to their own privacy policies.

Most Internet browsers enable users to remove cookie files from the hard disc (from the browser settings level), block all incoming cookie files, or set a warning before any cookies are downloaded onto the disc.

One should bear in mind that any changes of cookie file settings (such as limiting their operation) may have an effect on some website functionalities, for instance making it impossible for a user to log into their mail account. Absence of setting changes means acceptance of the use of cookie files.

Below we describe how to change your cookie settings in the most popular Internet browsers:

Google Chrome

Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies – select the desired option.

Internet Explorer

Menu > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy – select the desired option.

Mozilla Firefox

Menu > Options > Privacy > History – select the desired option.


Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies – select the desired option.


Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies – select the desired option,


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