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3rd International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR / 2010

July 12th – 17th, 2010 in Poznan

Since the first edition of Animator, we have been trying to present animated film in all its diversity, without neglecting film stories, "light ballets" and everything that lies between. Lovers of large productions based on written word will find in this year's program a beautiful fairy tale by Michel Ocelot 'Azur and Asmar'. On the other side of the spectrum, we will see the latest productions by American independent artists – including George Griffin, Joanna Priestley or Emy Kravitz – who often experiment with narrative methods and means of expression.

And here is a sample of what you will find between the two.

First of all, we will honour the three 'great masters' of world animation: Yuri Norstein, Caroline Leaf and Daniel Szczechura, who, incidentally, will turn eighty years old on the eve of the start of the festival. We have not forgotten about a different jubilee – the Poznań Animated Film Studio, which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year.

We will also extensively present the most outstanding artists and their films from Hungary and Israel. A series of music and film events promises to be particularly attractive. Our guests of honour will be, among others, Nik Phelps from the Sprocket Ensemble and, for the second time, the Compagnia d'Arte Drummatica. After two outstanding Polish film music composers featured in previous years – Krzysztof Komeda and Andrzej Markowski – we will recall the achievements of Włodzimierz Kotoński, the author of music for such classic films as 'Labyrinth' by Jan Lenica and 'City' by Mirosław Kijowicz. Two thematic blocks promise to be particularly interesting: 'Animation and comics' and 'Film inspirations of surrealists'.

We are very optimistic that the number of films submitted to the competition is growing every year. This means not only that animation in the world is still developing, but also that Animator is gaining an increasingly influential position in the world.

Marcin Giżycki, Artistic Director of the Festival

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Awarded films

GRAND PRIX / GOLDEN PEGASUS: “Ukryte / The Hidden” Piotr Szczepanowicz, Poland 2009

II AWARD OF THE NATIONAL AUDIOVISUAL INSTITUTE / SILVER PEGASUS: “Simon vagyok / I am Simon” Tunde Molnar, Hungary 2009

III AWARD / BRONZE PEGASUS: “Big Bang Big Boom” Blu, Italy 2010

SPECIAL AWARD FOR MUSIC FILM / MUSIC: “Love & Theft” Andreas Hykade, Germany 2010

SPECIAL AWARD FOR CHILDREN’S FILM: “A trip to the seaside” Nina Bisyarina, Russian Federation 2008

AUDIENCE AWARD: “Big Bang Big Boom” Blu, Italy 2010


Honourable mentions

JURY’S HONOURABLE MENTION: “Millhaven” Bartek Kulas, Poland 2010

JURY’S HUNOURABLE MENTION OF CHILDREN’S FILM: “Zhila-bila mucha / Once upon a time there was a fly” Alena Oyatieva, Russian Federation 2009






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