Meet the members of the JURY of the Feature and Animated Series Competition!

Zdjęcie główne aktualności Meet the members of the JURY of the Feature and Animated Series Competition!

Meet the members of the International Jury:

DIEGO HERGUERA ACOSTA - Licensed architect in Barcelona, where he studied at the ETSABarcelona (UPC). He worked for several years at the Mies van der Rohe Foundationdesigning exhibitions for the Venice Biennaleamong others before founding his own art and architectureestudio el palmeral: “el palmeral somos todos”. In 2017 he began working in feature animation film production as a continuation of the shorts he had independently produced, and now leadsSultana Films, an independent animation studio based in Donostia. An avid DIY believer, he is continuously implementing new techniques in what he has termeddigital artisanrythat uses analog and digital, where he is currently working on implementing AI as another tool within the creative process.

KARI JUUSONEN - After studying both live-action filmmaking and animation, Kari launched his career with a stop-motion short film, Pizza Passionata, in 2001. Two more short films followed, then his first feature, Niko and The Way to the Stars, in 2008. He has been busy with animation ever since and made short films, animated series, and two more animated feature films. 

MARÍA TRÉNOR - Graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of San Carlos (Valencia), she has produced and directed many short 35 mm animated films. Among them is “Con que la lavaré?”, which has won more than fifteen national and international awards, including: 1st Teddy Bear Prize for Best Short Film at the 54th BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL; This short appeared in the official section of the main international festivals, such as SUNDANCE 2005 and ANNECY 2004. His second 35 mm short film, EXILIBRIS, was nominated for best animated short film at the 25th GOYA Awards of the Spanish Film Academy. With her most committed short film "Where were you?" It won the 1st prize for the best project against sexist violence from the Valencia City Council, in addition to numerous official selections and awards at film festivals abroad (USA, Canada, Japan, Kosovo, among others). Currently, she has just finished her first animated musical feature film "Rock Bottom". 




You can find the full list of films that will participate in the International Feature Film
Competition here 👈, and Series here 👈

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