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First announcements of programme of the 14th ANIMATOR International Animated Film Festival has just been published! The key message of this year's edition of Poland's largest animated film festival, an Oscar qualifying event, is 'BETWEEN US'. 

In the present and future context of the pandemic we will explore human relationships from a variety of perspectives. We will look at the ways we think about ourselves and the mutating world around us. What would we want our future relationships to be like? 

Hopefully, answers to these questions will be inspired by films that will be screened in the following programmes: IN AND BETWEEN US, FEARS AND DREAMS OF OUR FUTURE and SNAPSHOTS OF TOMORROW.



The 14th edition of ANIMATOR takes place from 9 to 15 July, in Poznań and online. Onsite live meetings will be in the Muza Cinema in Poznań and in the open air. The Open Courtyard of the Poznań City Council will host an open-air summer cinema. It will be the venue for feature film screenings, thematically linked to IN AND BETWEEN US, the Festival's main section. Prepare for a brilliant collection of sci-fi classics and tales exploring the subtleties and intricacies of human relationships.



A handful of ANIMATOR's special guests will visit Poznań virtually, connecting remotely from home.

Do not miss the meeting with Joanna Quinn, a charismatic, sarcastic and brilliant British animator. Her first project, 1987's "Girls Night Out", won a staggering three awards at Annecy!

The fans of the "Transformers" saga, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "The Animatrix", "The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury", "Tomb Raider Revisioned" and "Aeon Flux" will surely be thrilled by the presence of the visionary animator Peter Chung, who had a hand in all these productions.

We have also invited Alex Pelletier, a young Canadian animator with an impressive portfolio.  Designer, poster artist and screenwriter, Alex was involved in "Star Trek: Lower Decks", "Rick & Morty" and "Captain Underpants".

Our invitation has also been accepted by Mike Johnson (co-director of "Corpse Bride"). He will sit on the jury of the Short Film Competition and will be one of the special guests at the Animated Late Night Show: Solo Act. ANIMATOR's followers surely remember Mike from the 10th edition, when he personally visited Poznań.

Meetings with the special guests will be broadcast live on the Festival's YouTube channel, Facebook and in the Muza Cinema. 



Although the 14th edition of ANIMATOR begins on 9 July, already on 11 and 12 June you can watch Animator Unselected, an annual event where the audience will select a film to get a wild card entry to the international competition. This year's screenings will be presented simultaneously at and in the Muza Cinema in Poznań. We will present 20 animated shorts from Russia, Canada, Spain and France.  The lucky winner will get a chance to compete for the Festival's Grand Prix (the Golden Pegasus) and PLN 45,000 (approximately EUR 10,000) in cash. Animator Unselected starts at 7:00 p.m., both onsite and online. Tickets priced at PLN 10.00 are available in the Muza Cinema's ticket office and on its website.

Tomorrow's event will be the second leg of Animator Unselected. During the first leg, held online in May, the audience selected an animated short to get a wild card entry to ANIMATOR.PL, the Polish Animated Film Competition. The wild card went to Mateusz Błaszczyk’s "Nie strać jej piękna". 

More details about Animator's programme are coming up next week. Meanwhile, we hope to see you this Friday and Saturday at the Muza Cinema and on!


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