Animator: READY, SET. GO! | What awaits us on the 1st and 2nd day?

See what is in store for you in the first days of the Festival.

Zdjęcie główne aktualności Animator: READY, SET. GO! | What awaits us on the 1st and 2nd day?

We are off to the highly anticipated 17th edition of the Animator Festival. For the next few days we will celebrate the biggest animated film event in Poland together. Check out what we have prepared for the first two days of the festival and plan your unforgettable moments with us.

We'll kick off the first day (June 25) on a strong note, with the Polish premiere of the film "Rock Bottom," directed by Maria Trenor. This is an emotional love story set in the vibrant 1970s, which is complemented by an unforgettable soundtrack by Robert Wyatt. In addition, expect other Polish premieres, such as the Philippine "The Missing" (dir. Carl Joseph) with a Q&A session, and Japanese productions: "Blue Giant" (dir. Yuzuru Tachikawa) and "The Concierge" (dir. Yoshimi Itazu), also with Q&A.

The first day also marks the beginning of competition screenings, where you will be able to see the latest series, Polish, international and feature films. Also, don't miss the unique lectures and masterclasses! You will be able to listen to, among others, Magdalena Osinska, an excellent director, who will talk about her work and experiences, as well as share valuable tips for future filmmakers.

The Games Section at Stary Browar is also off to an exciting start. Joanna and Marcin Pigulak will give a lecture on "Playing Empathy," exploring the intimate relationship between man and machine in the context of digital games. And in the evening we invite you to unique events:

Artificial Stupidity | Performative Installation - starting at 7:00 pm at the Schron club, and Replicant Quiz: Blade Runner - a special Pub Quiz at the Rewiry Festival Club to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the release of the cult film "Blade Runner." After the quiz, Pan Picik will get the party rolling!

The second day (June 26) will be filled with meetings and screenings! After the viewing of "Inu-Oh," join us for a Q&A with director and this year's guest Masaaki Yuasa. The film, which received recognition at the Venice International Film Festival, will transport you to the extraordinary world of 14th century Japan to the rhythm of rock opera. Audiences will also have the opportunity to see Masaaki Yuasa's other productions, such as "Lu over the Wall" and "Mind Game."

Na tle błękitnego nieba/identyfikacji wizualnej festiwalu, w owalnej ramce, zdjęcie uśmiechniętego mężczyzny w białej czapce i koszuli. W tle tekst „Masaaki Yuasa gość animator film festival”

That day you will not want to miss the meeting with Isabel Herguera, director of the Annecy Film Festival award-winning film "Sen Sultany". At Kino Muza you will meet Paweł Koźmiński, the creator of the game "World of Horror" nominated for the Paszporty Polityki. There will be a Fortnite workshop, perfect for future game developers.

In the evening, enjoy screenings from Adult Swim at Kino Muza, including a special episode of "Rick and Morty the Anime." And for fans of strong thrills, we have prepared a special event "Dreadtime stories" - a screening of animated horror films full of surrealism, absurdity, grotesque and eroticism. We meet at Schron, and then continue the conversation at Rewiry during Music Night with DJ Rio.

Animator is not only about films, but first of all about the unique atmosphere and unforgettable moments spent among animation lovers. Join us and experience these special days with us!

Get your tickets at

We play in: Kino Muza in Poznań, Multikino Stary Browar, in the Atrium +1 in Stary Browar, Schron, Scena na Piętrze and Rewiry Festival Club.

Tickets available online and:

– for screenings at Kino Muza at the cinema’s box office;

– for screenings at Multikino Stary Browar at the festival booth in Stary Browar




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