Support for the LINOLEUM Festival!

Support our friends at the LINOLEUM Festival:


Zdjęcie główne aktualności Support for the LINOLEUM Festival!

In the 15. edition of ANIMATOR Festival we have the great pleasure to show you the works of Ukrainian animators awarded in the LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival. It is an incredible project which supports and promotes the art of animation in Ukraine since 2014. This year - more than ever before - they need our support to continue this mission, even in the face of war.

Below you can read an open letter from the Program Director of the LINOLEUM Festival - Anastasiya Verlinska.


Dear friends,

For the past 8 years, LINOLEUM has tried to build and develop the animation industry in Ukraine, showcasing the world's best animation and gathering foreign and Ukrainian professionals in Kyiv. We created numerous projects and opportunities for our animators to be seen and heard.

In these horrific times, we believe that culture can still serve as a minor distraction and therapy for those in need. Also, we believe that stopping is a wrong decision. We are still actively seeking funding. But as we can't put off preparing any longer, we need your financial support to make LINOLEUM happen one more time. We’ve already finished the selection process and need funds to translate and subtitle all the selected film into Ukrainian, create design, texts and interviews, hold lectures and master classes and promote them on social media.

In 2022 the festival's concept remains the same, but disclosed in the context of modern trends in animation and events we are now facing. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long the war will last in our country, so all the screenings and educational program will be held online on the biggest Ukrainian VOD platform MEGOGO just like it happened in 2020.

You can financially support LINOLEUM using the details below:

PayPal PayPal.Me/linoleumfestival



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