Trailer and visual identification premiere - 14. IAFF ANIMATOR

Zdjęcie główne aktualności Trailer and visual identification premiere - 14. IAFF ANIMATOR

It is with great pleasure that we present this year’s trailer and visual identification of the Oscar-qualifying® 14th International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR.

ANIMATOR 2021: trailer

The trailer for the 14th International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR was created by the Polish animation artist Tomasz Popakul, a multi-awarded animated film director, book cover designer and author of video clips. One of his works, ACID RAIN, was long-listed for Oscar nomination, while his latest animated film entitled "Księżyc" [„The Moon”] was included in HBO’s pandemic anthology "At Home”. 

Tomasz Popakul also composed music for this year’s ANIMATOR trailer.

A few words about the trailer from its author:

The trailer concept is built around the character of a scientist-gardener who is growing a gigantic plant in his secret laboratory-garden. This is the affirmation of the unstoppable life force; the gardener is the "animator”, the creator/initiator of life whose creation lives on.” – says Tomasz Popakul.

I wanted to present a scientist as a contemporary wizard (sentinel of knowledge, explorer) dealing with phenomena that are invisible and incomprehensible for most people. I wanted to present the world as a place that is beautiful and dangerous at the same time, yet worth living in despite all the dangers.” – he adds.



ANIMATOR 2021: posters

Visual identification for the Festival was created by the Poznań-based MINIMUM STUDIO on the basis of the animation by Tomasz Popakul. The Minimum Studio artists have come up with two posters showing the richness and ambiguity of the world created by the animator. Both posters feature the motto of the 14th edition of the Festival: BETWEEN US

„Tomasz Popakul created the world that is intriguing and vague, full of oneirism. His vision is quite post-apocalyptic, yet offers hope of a new beginning. The author emphasizes the abundance, vitality and unstoppable revival force of nature. Thus, he gives us hope that we all need so much.

Visually, the posters combine the rational, synthetic world expressed by straight geometrical lines and vigorously abundant, monstrous plants. That combination of perspectives is our response to the motto of this year’s edition of the Festival” – comments Gosia Ciernioch and Dominik Boberski from MINIMUM STUDIO.




The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly changed our reality, made a brutal revision of what we consider ‘ordinary’ and what we expect to happen in near future. In our main thematic bloc, we would like to draw our viewers’ attention to animated reflections pondering the human nature and the evolution of social interactions.

”ANIMATOR 2021 will concentrate on the emotions and aspirations that are hidden within us, the concepts that we project onto our relations with others and the attitudes that we assume towards the world and ourselves.” – comments the Festival programmer Filip Kozłowski.

The 14th MFFA ANIMATOR will take place between the 9th and 15th of July 2021, again in the mixed formula - online and in the Muza Cinema in Poznań. Stay tuned for more information!

The organizers of MFFA ANIMATOR are the City of Poznań and Estrada Poznańska.

See you at the Festival!

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