Meet the Jury that will select the film in the Open Call

Meet the 3 jurors who undertook the task of selecting the winner in the Open Call of the 17th edition of

Zdjęcie główne aktualności Meet the Jury that will select the film in the Open Call

The 17th edition of the Animator Festival is held with the theme of "ARTIFICIAL INTUITION" and focuses on artificial intelligence and its impact on creativity. The Open Call section, which received more than 100 submissions this year, highlights films exploring the role of AI in art and human relations.

Animator also opens up a discussion on changing the understanding of human identity as the sole source of creativity. This year's Open Call Jury consists of prominent experts in animation, AI and art theory.

Which film will they choose as the winner? That's what you will find out on June 29!

Jacek Nagłowski – producer and director, as well as researcher and creator in the field of new media. He has produced nearly thirty documentaries and feature films, most of them international co-productions, and fourteen VR experiences presented at international festivals, including Sundance, Venice, Cannes and
Leipzig. Head of the VR/AR Visual Narratives Laboratory of the Łódź Film School ( where, in addition to production, projects related to the study and description of VR language are carried out. He has been working on issues related to artificial intelligence since 2020. He is currently working on an interactive VR experience "Conversations" co-created with various AI systems ranging from text to image, sound and space creation in the Unreal engine. He has completed a project called Bezdroża AI which is a series of film essays co-created with various AI systems on the social consequences of the proliferation of these systems and a study of the social reception of AI in creative environments. Founder of AI Social Lab, a nonprofit organization implementing artificial intelligence systems to solve social problems.

Dr hab. Aleksandra Łukaszewicz - professor of cultural studies at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, specialist in philosophical aesthetics and theories of culture and art. President of the Polish Aesthetic Society. Recipient of many awards and scholarships, including a Kosciuszko Foundation scholarship for
research on art, culture and aesthetics in Philadelphia, USA (2017). She has published articles, book chapters and monographs, most recently "Are Cyborgs Persons? An Account on Futurist Ethics" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021).

Lead coordinator of two international research consortia: TICASS (2017-2021) and TPAAE (2020-2023)
carrying out projects funded by the European Commission under the MSCA-RISE H2020 program, dedicated to visual communication and visual literacy, and art and art education in a transcultural perspective. Coordinator on behalf of the Polish Aesthetic Society - a partner in the research consortium - in the research project CAPHE: Communities and Artistic Participation in Hybrid Environments (2022- 2026).

A curator and artist, she recently co-curated the XR Festival in Florence as part of the CAPHE project, curating the group exhibition "Numerical Art. Fractality of the Universe" at the Oratorio Santa Croce in Florence, and a multimedia opera event at the Cattedralle dell'imagine within the scope of Creating a Digital Costume Design, made in physical and virtual form for the heroine of the play "Orpheus and Lwanda" by Priscilla Gitonga with the guidance of designer in digital environments of Anna Syczewska  (June 2024). As part of the Festival's events - exhibitions and immersive projections - she also presented her works from the series "My Cultural DNA," which has been in development since 2022.

Jakub deBarbaro - He is a freelance designer, co-founder of Spółdzielnia Goldex Poldex and Szalona Galeria, and a former lecturer at Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai. In his practice, he tries to focus on the non-commercial functions of design. He sees work as a tool that builds sensitivity, forms social attitudes and behavior, shapes the political order and the environment. He has designed for Sternberg Press (Berlin), Mousse Publishing (Milan), Éditions Dilecta (Paris), European Conference of Promoters of New Music (Utrecht), Arnolfini (Bristol), T4ex (New York), Firmenich (Geneva), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw), among others. He is currently working with Institut auf dem Rosenberg (St. Gallen), and Digital Ecology Institute (Warsaw).

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