Adult Swim comes back to Animator!

Uwielbiana sekcja przez widzów/ki powraca! Adult Swim ponownie zagości na 17. MFFA Animator.

Zdjęcie główne aktualności Adult Swim comes back to Animator!

Animator 2024 would not be complete without our friends from Adult Swim! This year they have put together an ambitious program of events and experiences for us. Learn more about Adult Swim at a Masterclass hosted by Adult Swim's Mark Taynton, sit back and watch our hit anime series, and participate in something truly special - the inaugural Adult Swim Live Drawing Challenge.

Adult Swim Live Drawing Challenge | English only | 18+

29.06, 3.00 pm, Atrium+1, Stary Browar


Calling all animators, artists and illustrators! Get ready for a unique live experience where you will test your creative skills in an epic, live art challenge from Adult Swim. Spoiler: we're going old school with pen and paper. It will be fun, exciting with a hint of rivalry and most importantly, there will be prizes! The best artist(s) will win a paid design commission for Adult Swim Europe's social media channels.


Mark Taynton Masterclass
27.06,  3.15 pm, Kino Muza

Adult Swim: Animating for Adults

Adult animation is a thing, and Adult Swim is at the forefront of this rapidly growing genre. Mark Taynton, head of Adult Swim EMEA at Warner Bros. Discovery, will talk about upcoming lineup and highlight the stand-outs, as well as talk about what we look for and how we work, our Smalls program and our efforts to connect with talent across Europe.

Adult Swim presents: Anime Series / Adult Swim przedstawia: Seriale Anime (110 min.) / intro: Mark Taynton, Head of Adult Swim EMEA

A screening of Adult Swim's latest and greatest anime-style productions.

1.Ninja Kamui s01e01, Sunghoo Park, Japan, United States 2024, 22’18”

After his family was brutally attacked by a gang of masked assailants, Joe Logan is approached by FBI agents Mike and Emma to help investigate the murder of his wife and son.

ADULT SWIM TM and © The Cartoon Network Inc.

2.Ninja Kamui s01e02, Sunghoo Park, Hiroki Itai, Japan, United States 2024, 22’23”

Higan learns that a string of recent murder victims were all former ninjas who had their covers blown. Higan goes after the boss ninja and swears to take revenge for his dead wife and son by crushing the organization.

ADULT SWIM TM and © The Cartoon Network Inc.

  1. My Adventures with Superman s02e01: More Things in Heaven and Earth, Diana Huh, United States 2024, 21’40”

Clark agonizes over what to do for his and Lois’ first Valentine’s Day…until visions of his father lead him, Jimmy, and Lois to the remains of his Spaceship and the new villains of Task Force X!

ADULT SWIM TM and © The Cartoon Network Inc.

  1. My Adventures with Superman s02e02: Adventures with My Girlfriend, Christina Manrique, United States 2024, 21’40”

While Perry saddles Jimmy with a new “team” to run Flamebird, Clark and Lois investigate Stryker Penitentiary – and discover just how far Amanda Waller will go to rid the world of Superman!

ADULT SWIM TM and © The Cartoon Network Inc.

  1. Rick and Morty: The Anime s01e01 - Girl Who Manipulates Time, Takashi Sano, Japan, United States 2024, 21’00”


Rick relaxes in a pseudo-world between multiverses, Summer helps Space Beth fight the sinister Galactic Federation, and Morty falls in love with a mysterious girl who turns out to be a being outside of time.

ADULT SWIM TM and © The Cartoon Network Inc.

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