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Learn more about our Festival Club in Rewiry!  Programme is full of interesting events. The Club will be open for Festival participants everyday from 8.00 pm!

Rewiry is a place full of creative energy and artistic spirit. Located in the heart of the city, it offers a space for meetings, discussions and inspiring side events. The stylish interior design combines modernity with an animated vibe to create a unique atmosphere. Rewiry is the perfect place for relaxation and networking for animation enthusiasts from around the world. 

Learn more about all events planned at the Festival Club:

Replikant Quiz: Blade Runner in Rewiry

To celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the release of the cult film "Blade Runner," we would like to invite you to a special Pub Quiz at the Rewiry Festival Club, hosted by the Hammerzeit Podcast. Test your knowledge of this science fiction classic and compete for prizes. An evening full of excitement, trivia and socializing with other movie fans awaits you. 

After the quiz, the stage will be taken over by DJ Picik - the kind spirit of Animator, who will crank up the party and make sure the music is great. 

Join us and let's celebrate the birthday of "Blade Runner" together. 

Animusic Night 

Come to the party heart of the festival for a special evening where animation meets music! On June 26, at 9:00 pm, Rewiry will host a review of the most interesting musical animations made by students of the UAP Animation Department. 
Get ready for: 
Multiple approaches to artistic forms: from classical animation to multimedia fusions of the latest 3D tools. 
Full cross-section of animation techniques: discover innovative solutions and amazing visual effects. 
Diverse approaches to the interaction of image and music: feel the emotions and let yourself be swept away by the rhythms! 
Unconventional creative solutions: open yourself to new experiences and let yourself be surprised! 
After the show, DJ Rio will take the stage, giving you an energetic set that will perfectly complement the evening experience. 
It will be a real feast for the eyes and ears - be with us! 

 Drag out your voice: songs of animation

Fancy an unforgettable evening of singing, dancing and animation? Join us for Animation Voices: Make NOISE and DRAG, an event that will awaken your inner child and unleash your dormant vocal talent!
It's not just karaoke! It's a tribute to iconic songs from the most popular animated films, led by the incomparable drag queens Sowa and Arta De Vil. 

Get ready for moving ballads, energizing music icons and rousing melodies that will make you laugh to tears and touch you to the depths of your heart. Let your creativity run wild!

Dress up as your favourite animated character, grab the mic and give it your all! Whether you are an experienced singer or just starting out, this event is for you.
After karaoke, the party goes on! Party until dawn with Dj set by Arty De Vil and feel the magic of animation firsthand. 

Find your VOICE, unleash your EXPRESSION and feel the MAGIC of ANIMATION! 

FRIENDMOTION Party – zakończenie 17. MFFA Animator 

On June 30, the Rewiry club will become the epicenter of positive energy and dance euphoria during the FRIENDMOTION Party - the official closing party of the 17th ANIMATOR International Animated Film Festival. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate the festival's finale together, thank everyone involved in its organization and end this special event on the dance floor with friends! In the DJ booth, friends of the festival from Lava Pies Collective will rock the crowd with a dose of some of the best dance music. We are in for a party until dawn, packed with great fun, positive energy and unforgettable dance experiences! 

And that's not all Folks:

ITALOMANIA I Uno Momento & Gres Concrete  | 28.06.2024  

 BROKAT | PRIDE WEEK after part I Halina World & Iza (Punie Crew)  | 29.06.2024  

Join us and celebrate the end of the festival together with the creators, volunteers and animation lovers! 

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