Here is the motto and identification of the 15th edition of ANIMATOR!

Zdjęcie główne aktualności Here is the motto and identification of the 15th edition of ANIMATOR!

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

 Henri Bergson


The 15th edition of the Oscar-qualifying International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR 2022 will commence on July 8th in Poznań.

TURNING POINTS is the main motto of this year’s festival.

TURNING POINTS relates to unavoidable states of transformation that are reflected in the pace and direction of development of mankind. This motto originated from observation, participation and experiencing disturbing events that have been taking place in recent months, such as the pandemic, economic downturn, the war in Ukraine, or the broadly understood social and ideological crisis.

In every story, in every resume, you can distinguish key or significant moments that fundamentally change and redefine them. Individual biographies as well as history of socio-cultural changes are determined by these moments of breakthrough transformations and reevaluations. At this year's festival, we will carefully examine an animated reflections on these groundbreaking, "life-changing" moments upon which history turns". - adds Filip Kozłowski, the festival programmer

Based on the motto and the associations that it generates, the graphic identification for the ANIMATOR 2022 was created by UNIFORMA, a Poznań-based studio. Here are the posters which will soon add colour to the streets of Poznań, Warsaw and the Internet space.

“The visual identification refers directly to the feeling of distressing tension which is characteristic for all turning points. In animation, we can see forms that bring associations with objects washed ashore, objects tied together by straps, squeezed, tamed, subordinated yet formlessly expanding and transforming while pressing onto the straps from the inside to break free.” - explains Michał Mierzwa, one of the partners of the Uniforma studio.

This year, the festival is supported by both static and animated posters showing the above-described turning points. Posters can be downloaded here:

The 15th ANIMATOR Festival will be held in Poznań between 8th and 15th of July, and online between 15th and 21st July 2022.


About the Festival:

The Oscar-qualifying® ANIMATOR Festival is one of the largest animated film festivals in this part of Europe. Over 300 films from all over the world are being shown during each festival edition comprising the contest, retrospective shows, thematic screenings and premieres. ANIMATOR also stands for concerts, film series, workshops and extensive programme for the youngest audience. The unique feature of the Poznań Festival is an omnipresent fusion of animation with music. The 15th MFFA Animator will be held in Poznań between 8th and 15th of July, and online between 15th and 21st July 2022.


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