Between a video game and an animation

Films created using video game engines

Animation Interaction. Video games


Video game technologies are elbowing their way into the world of animated films. What’s the difference between a game and a film? After all, both of them appeal to our audiovisual perception. Sit back and enjoy a collection of animations made using technologies developed with computer games in mind. They can be seen as gameplay videos or conversely as films that could be a game. The program also presents a game world in which one of the films was made.



A Day in the Life of a Turret, Smooth Few Films, USA, 2008, 4’

Martin Cries, Jonathan Vinel, Francja / France, 2017, 16’

Plastic Scoop, Andy Hughes, Wielka Brytania / UK, 2020, 24’

The Heretic, Veselin Efremov, Dania / Denmark, 2019, 8’

A Boy and his Kite, Gavin Moran, USA, 2015, 3’

Lumen in the Land of Nanite, Epic Games Team, USA, 2020, 8'

HOW TO DISSAPEAR, reż. Total Refusal, Austria, 2020, 20'

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Between a video game and an animation /
Between a video game and an animation /