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The most frequent question we’ve been asking ourselves over the past couple of day is: how can I provide real help for the people of Ukraine? The following are several verified initiatives you can support.

Take care to double-check information and fundraisers you encounter. If you want to make a monetary donation, we recommend the largest online collection in Poland:

For physical donations, such as healthcare and hygiene products, food and clothing most cities in have set up collection points. In Poznań, you can find it at ul. Bukowska 27/29 between 10am and 8pm, more information available at the city website.

All around the world, creators involved in film and animation are speaking out against the aggression on Ukraine. This includes numerous Russian artists who united their voices in an ongoing campaign against the Ukrainian war. You can read the entire statement and see the many signatures under the petition here:

The International Animation Community published a statement and a petition against the invasion of Ukraine, under the slogan LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR, derived from the canadian pioneer in non-camera animation, Norman McLaren. You can sign and support it here:

Our friends at the Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Fest ask for help with spreading the news about what’s going on in Ukraine.

You can make short animation videos to convey your support, your attitude towards war, and how sick leaders who drive their people to death and threaten to use nuclear weapon should be dealt with."

Videos can be up to 10 seconds, 1920x1080 mp4. You can send them to For more information and updates on the projects, be sure to follow the Festival on Facebook:

Locally, in Poznań, you can participate in the series of events under the title Poznań dla Ukrainy, taking place every day from 27th February to 5th March. The cultural events are accompanied by clothing and money collection as well as a blood drive. You can find more details and updates regarding the event on Facebook:

As part of this initiative, Muza Cinema invites you to participate in a screening of Iryna Tsilyk 2020 film „The Earth Is Blue as an Orange” on Saturday, 5th March at 8pm. The proceeds from the tickets will be donated to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "COME BACK ALIVE" from Kyiv.

Also, on Sunday, 6th March at 6:15pm we invite you to the Muza Cinema for a showing of a selection of short films by Ukrainian animators.

Finally, as an amazing grassroots initiative, a Border Crossing Children’s Film Festival is being set up along Polish borders with Ukraine, where mothers and children await processing and transport for hours at a time. The organizers are looking for children and family films to provide some sense of comfort and distraction. A call for files and downloadable links, with fees and rights waived for the purpose of the event went out by the means of Bianca Lucas’ Instagram account, where you can find more information.

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