Submissions for the 15. IAFF ANIMATOR are now closed!

Zdjęcie główne aktualności Submissions for the 15. IAFF ANIMATOR are now closed!

As previously announced, on the 21st February we’ve officially closed the submissions to this year’s edition of the IAFF Animator!

 We are very pleasantly surprised with the response, as the total number of submissions to the jubilee edition is 2630 entries – thank you!

It is also a great opportunity to share with you some information regarding the applications:

For the International Short Film Competition we’ve received 2453 submissions.

For the International Feature Film Competition we’ve received 36 entries.

The International Competition of Animated Serials amassed 195 applications.

Lastly, we’ve received 104 submissions for the Polish Animated Film Competition ANIMATOR.PL.

On top of these entries, we’ve also taken in a total of 1083 student productions.

Jointly, the contest entries arrived to us from 104 countries, most notably from France, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Canada, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, Poland, and Iran.

Among the submissions are also contestants from such countries as Bahrain, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Mauritania, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uganda, Senegal, Martinique, Lebanon, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Jordan, El Salvador, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Cuba, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Syria, Afghanistan, Peru, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, and United Arab Emirates.

We also know that 932 of the submitted films are debuts – a very warm welcome to our festival family!

Dear Animators – we have our fingers crossed for each and every one of you and we wish you the best of luck!

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