ANIMATOR would not be complete without events for children. Thanks to the editorial support of the Centrum Sztuki Dziecka team, which has prepared a truly exciting repertoire, long and short films will be shown. In addition, the much-loved Animator Jutra workshops coordinated by Agnieszka Krajewska will make their comeback!

ANIMATOR FOR KIDS starts on June 21, animated offerings for younger Festival-goers are brought together by the slogan of this year's edition of the Festival: SEARCHING FOR YOURSELF.

The youngest audience members (ages 6 and up) are invited to see Valentina, an animated musical about a girl with Down syndrome who goes on an extraordinary journey in search of her grandmother, discovering her own strength and uniqueness and learning independence in the process.

For viewers aged 8 and older, we recommend the set of short films W naturze i inne krótkie animacje, which show that man is not a secluded island, and that finding oneself is often accompanied by building relationships with other people as well.

Viewers aged 10 and above and all dog lovers are invited to Titina, an animation about distant journeys, unknown lands and the daring to make dreams come true.

For our young guests, we have also prepared WORKSHOPS within the ANIMATOR JUTRA section.

Each workshop includes a series of four meetings in fixed groups, culminating in a screening of the workshop films on Saturday, July 1, at 4 pm, at Kino Muza.

Czerwony Kapturek w krainie EMOCJI - animation workshop in classic and cut-out techniques

Date: June 26-29, 2023

Workshop hours: (participant’s choice) 10.00-12.00 or 13.00-15.00

Workshop registration: Agnieszka Krajewska, email:

The theme of the workshop will be the well-known character "Little Red Riding Hood". Is it really just a story about a gullible little girl walking through the woods to her grandmother and being eaten by a wolf? Or is it about something more? Participants will reflect together on the emotions that accompany Little Red Riding Hood and the characters of this fairy tale. During the class, they will have the opportunity to use the potential of sounds and fragments of music illustrating emotions and different film genres. They will activate their imagination and create animated images using pencils, crayons, greasepaint pastels, ecoline and inks. Depending on the dynamics of the group, they will create one joint film story or several individual etudes.

Moderator: Alicja Witkowska.

Tajemniczy świat z papieru - animation workshop in cut-out technique

Date: June 26-29, 2023

Workshop hours: (participant’s choice) 10.00-12.00 or 13.00-15.00

Workshop registration: Agnieszka Krajewska, email:

At first glance, it may seem that paper is just paper - nothing special... But paper is no ordinary thing - you can cut out of it, draw on it, stick it together, crumple it, fold it, tear it. And most importantly, it can also be animated! It gives us the opportunity to tell stories about mysterious worlds or our dreams. It gives us the freedom to create, to follow our imagination without limits. Snow or a boat, a carnivorous plant or the main character of the story we make up- it can all be made out of paper. All you need for this are crayons, scissors, paper and, of course, lots and lots of imagination!

Moderator: Anna Mastniková (Czechia).

Zaczarowany dom - animation workshop in mixed techniques

Date: June 26-29, 2023

Workshop hours: (participant’s choice) 10.00-12.00 or 13.00-15.00

Workshop registration: Agnieszka Krajewska, email:

The unexplored hallways of a certain mysterious house appear to be empty at first glance, but this is merely an illusion. All sorts of creatures roam its nooks and crannies, tirelessly performing their duties. It's time to discover who they are, what they eat for breakfast and what their favorite season is! Using various animation techniques, workshop participants will create an imaginative nature documentary, in which they can take on the role of the household oddities and reveal their secret colorful world.

Moderators: Katarzyna Radecka, Jakub Baniak.

Workshop REGISTRATION details:

Registrations will be accepted from 1.06.2023 at

Please include the following information during your registration:

  • the title of the selected workshop
  • selected group (morning or afternoon)
  • child's name and surname
  • child's age
  • phone number, e-mail address of the parent/guardian

After submitting your application, a return email will be sent to you containing the rules of participation, forms to fill out regarding relevant consents, as well as instructions on how to pay for the workshop.

A ticket for the 4-day workshop (8 hours of classes in total) costs 80 PLN.

For those with a Karta Dużej Rodziny, the price for participation in the workshop is 60 PLN.

The number of spaces is limited. Enrollment into the workshops will be decided on the basis of the order in which applications are submitted.

The workshops will be held in the building of Estrada Poznanska (ul. Masztalarska 8a).

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