Polish Competition: ANIMATOR.PL
Nikodem Kłoś
/ 3’ 35” / Poland
The film is created using satellite images of the Earth. Abstract and unconventional visuals combined together give the impression of new worlds, which we can all interpret in our own way; the emergence of life on Earth, the passage of time or the catastrophic development of civilization. The possibilities of these interpretations are endless. It all depends on the imagination and personal impressions of the viewer.
10.07 / 21:30
Kino muza room 1
14.07 / 18:30
Kino muza room 2
Kadr filmu Sphere
Kadr 1
Sphere / Nikodem Kłoś
Kadr 2
Sphere / Nikodem Kłoś
Kadr 3
Sphere / Nikodem Kłoś
Kadr 4
Sphere / Nikodem Kłoś
Kadr 5
Sphere / Nikodem Kłoś