Pan Wiedźma

International Animated Series Competition
Leszek Nowicki, Bartosz Minkiewicz
/ 3’ 15” / Poland
Pan Wiedźma is the Polish answer to American productions like The Witcher. Americans have been captivating millions of readers, viewers and players for years with their Witcher universe. We wanted to show that Poles are no strangers to fantasy, as its troves are not limited to such works as: Stara baśń, Siodło i Godło and Rarytasy Zawiszy Czarnego. Our original series Pan Wiedźma is a delightful saga, which can successfully compete with contemporary Western productions.
09.07 / 21:45
Kino muza room 1
14.07 / 16:00
Kino muza room 1
Kadr filmu Pan Wiedźma