Open bar

International Animated Series Competition
Fred Chaillou
/ 2’ 01” / France
Do you oscillate between mindfulness, yoga or veganism? Do you hate hairdressers with verbal diarrhoea or kamikaze kids on scooters? That’s because you’re living here and now, and "Open Bar" is for you!  "Open Bar" takes a riotous look at a slightly borderline bunch of characters grappling with daily life in the Western civilization. These archetypal situations are derailed by unexpected and surreal reactions that speak volumes about the absurdity of human lifes! Open Bar is a 30x2’30’’ series, adapted from awarded Fabcaro’s comic strips, weekly published in the French magazine “Les Inrockuptible”.
09.07 / 21:45
Kino muza room 1
14.07 / 16:00
Kino muza room 1
Kadr filmu Open bar
Kadr 1
Open bar / Fred Chaillou