Dessert Dachshund

Polish Competition: ANIMATOR.PL
Betina Bożek
/ 7’ 20” / Polska
An original and surreal story about a Dachshund, who, enclosed in a wedding cake, bodes for the happiness of the young couple. The joyful disposition of the dog gives the mood to the animation, which in light and humorous way tackles the universal and significant in the present-day problem of the superficiality and ritualism of the most important moments and decisions in life.
11.07 / 21:30
Kino muza room 1
14.07 / 20:30
Kino muza room 2
Kadr filmu Dessert Dachshund
Kadr 1
Dessert Dachshund / Betina Bożek
Kadr 2
Dessert Dachshund / Betina Bożek
Kadr 3
Dessert Dachshund / Betina Bożek