International Animated Series Competition
Marzena Nehrebecka
/ 6’ / Poland
Giggle Wiggle tells a story of a friendship between a great green gnome Giggle Wiggle and a little girl named Blabberina, who engage (be it willingly or otherwise) in colossal conflicts of tiny nations. In Giggle Wiggle's world, quarrelsome characters are small and silly to the point of being harmless, where their arguments become comical. It is also a story about how conflicts of all kinds erupt because of petty reasons, from malice and stubbornness, and how very little it actually takes to sort them out. Last and probably foremost, it's simply about fun. Have a great time with the funny and fantastic adventures of heroes and characters that make you laugh.

Kadr filmu Chichraszek
Kadr 1
Chichraszek / Marzena Nehrebecka
Kadr 2
Chichraszek / Marzena Nehrebecka