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12. IAFF Animator




directed by: Cerise LOPEZ & Agnès PATRON

screenplay: Cerise LOPEZ & Agnès PATRON

music: Pierre OBERKAMPF

animation: Cerise LOPEZ & Agnès PATRON

distribution: Nidia SANTIAGO

France, 2015, 20:00

Up there, so close to the pole, Chulyen is bored. Half man, half crow, with his pitiless eyes he cuts the world into pieces. When Chulyen covets a giant's kayak, he comes down from the air to charm and deceive him. When Chulyen is starving, he devours alive a plump, pudgy, delicious young seal. But the wind rises, and the spirits of the forest are at his heels. This time, Chulyen won't get out of it unscathed. Unless...