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12. MFFA Animator


Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs,


Na festivalu animator w latach:


Kottarashky was born Nikola Gruev on September 4, 1979. He is a professional architect and interior designer. In his first album “Opa Hey!” released in 2009 he included many references to a previously undiscovered music of the Balkan province, using a collection of sounds taken from authentic field recordings; (such approach is similar to artists like Brazilian Amon Tobin). Kottarashky’s music is far from the mash up culture of contemporary, global productions or the art collages of modern sound architects.
His compositions amaze with their complexity but at the same time they are quite catchy, full of joy or melancholy. The release of “Opa Hey!” coincided with the general trend in Bulgaria to combine artistic creativity with the private sphere. That dominating style and the lack of cultural diversity seemed to have been overtaking all other forms of creative activity. With his music, however, Kottarashky managed to provide wide-ranging space for creative expression. Following great success of “Opa Hey!” Kottarashky decided to focus on live performances. And again he constantly kept challenging himself by playing as one-man laptop band or by surrounding himself with a group of musicians during folk sessions. Together with his friend, Hristo Hadzhiganchev (keyboard, guitar, vocal) he formed a band (influenced by artists like Tom Waits, Jimi Hendrix and Dr. John) which combined Kottarashky’s sampler tools and keyboard with traditional instruments. In their first live concerts in 2010, Kottarashky& The Rain Dogs delighted the crowds with their sounds, which oscillated somewhere between traditional Bulgarian Balkan music, soul and rock from the ‘60s.
Currently Kottarashky& The Rain Dogs attract such a great interest that the band has become one of the most booked serious live bands performing in Bulgaria today. In 2012 they released a new album “Demoni”. The musicians prepared eleven groundbreaking tracks that take their listeners into a whole new world of advanced Balkan Funk and Blues. All the songs were recorded during studio sessions.