Viviana Carlet

Animator PRO

She is the founder and director of Lago Film Fest in Italy since 2005, of Formentera Film Festival in Spain since 2011, and of Rodolfo Sonego Award - dedicated to screenplays - since 2006; she was administrator at NISI MASA the European Network of Young Cinema in 2012-2014; nowadays she founded a new platform for the creation of art and cinema projects: PIATTAFORMA LAGO.

She has worked on various projects that arise out of purely artistic attention and methodology to relational and public art. Research fellow at Ca' Foscary University of Venice in Management of Art and Culture on projects promoting synergies between Art & Business since 2014.

Coordinator of Francesco Fabbri Foundation, which promotes actions and initiatives for cultural, social and economic development in open dialogue since 2018.

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