Perhaps the most important Polish avant-garde film - a 1932 work by Stefan and Franciszek Themerson, inspired by a poem by Anatol Stern, was thought to have been lost during World War II. Miraculously, it was recently found in the Bundesarchive by employees of the Berlin branch of the Pilecki Institute. A restored copy of the film premiered at the London Film Festival in October 2021. Europa is a poetic, surprisingly topical vision of our world descending into madness, over-consuming and preparing for a new war. It consists of free-flowing images in the spirit of Cavalcanti's and Wiertow's big-city symphonies. Animation enthusiasts will no doubt be fascinated to find out that the Themersons used several stop-motion techniques in this piece, among them an "animated photogram" of their own invention.

  • Europa, Stefan i Franciszka Themerson, 1932, 11’
  • Europa II, Piotr Zarębski, 1988, 14’
  • Jasia Reichardt - Europa Talk, 24’