Best of LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival (PL+ENG)

+ Animators with Ukraine

The war started in Ukraine by the Russians brought lots of horrors beyond human comprehension, but at the same time gave us the opportunity to speak and be heard. Among other post-Soviet countries, Ukrainian animation was one of the most experimental, with a strong desire to tell stories and work with various techniques. In this program, you'll see films by Davyd Cherkassky, a renowned Ukrainian master, as well as contemporary artists, LINOLEUM nominees, and winners.  Authors who despite all the dramatic events continue to create and reflect on the new reality around them.

LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival is the biggest showcase of short independent animation in Ukraine. Launched in 2014 in Kyiv each year the festival screens around 250 films from all over the world, offers workshops and lectures held by the field's best players and a special program for children. LINOLEUM aims to support animation artists and promote Ukrainian animation worldwide as well as encourage and celebrate creativity among animators and media artists.

Anastasiya Verlinska, Dyrektor programowy Festiwalu LINOLEUM

    • Oh the Wizard, David Cherkassky, ZSRR / USSR, 1971, 18’41” 
    • What the Heck Do You Want, David Cherkassky, ZSRR / USSR, 1975, 9’29” 
    • Wings, David Cherkassky, ZSRR / USSR, 1983, 9’56” 
    • Unnecessary things, Dmytro Lisenbart, Ukraina / Ukraine, 2020, 14’ 
    • Deep Love, Mykyta Lyskov, Ukraina / Ukraine, 2019, 13’57” 
    • Eluvium – Regenerative Being, Stas Santimov, Ukraina / Ukraine, 2017, 7’21” 
    • DakhaBrakha - Monakh, Sashko Danylenko, Ukraina / Ukraine, 2018, 4’57” 
    • The Cord, Olexandr Bubnov, Ukraina / Ukraine, 2018, 6’39” 
    • If you can…, Hanna Rybak, Ukraina, Polska / Ukraine, Poland, 2017, 1’13”
    • Dreams, Andrii Naumenko, Ukraina / Ukraine, 2018, 3’

The programme will conclude with a special screening of short animated films / animated posters / animated viasuals and animated comics expressing anti-war atittudes and solidarity with Ukraine under the title ANIMATORS WITH UKRAINE.