Animated Late Night Show - solo act

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BoJack Horseman, Manivald, Cipka – if makers of such films gather in one place, even virtually, expect the worst (or actually the best). The very popular artists, loved and appreciated by Animator audiences, will make their artistic coming-outs, defy gurus, destroy friendships, and refuse to put on sackcloth and ashes. All that to leave us, for another year, touched, sleepless, and craving for a sequel. They will also reveal indecent secrets, criticize juries and panels, show their cards, and humbly acknowledge their success. For those who appreciate true animation stories told by truly great filmmakers. It’ll be a night like no other.

Host: Pan Picik
Online. English only.

08.10 / 20:00
Live stream
Animated Late Night Show - solo act /
Animated Late Night Show - solo act /