Portal of Adventures

International Animated Series Competition
Yelyzaveta Tarasova
/ 1’ 22” / Ukraine
n these 8 episodes of edutainment animation series characters travel through a magic portal that was accidentally opened near Chornobyl. They meet a mystic creature – Chornobyl Ermine Raya that can speak and has superpowers. Together with Raya the kids will learn the secrets of the past, meet great kings and pharaohs and even influence history of a mankind. Escaping from Raya`s enemy, the insidious Poacher, the kids jump into secret portal of adventures that takes them to different eras: Ancient Egypt, Arctic, Renaissance, Kyivan Rus etc. The authors rethink the toponym of Chornobyl tragic and mysterious place, that attracts and remind us about human errors.
08.07 / 21:45
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13.07 / 14:00
Kino muza room 1
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Portal of Adventures / Yelyzaveta Tarasova
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Portal of Adventures / Yelyzaveta Tarasova