Guilty Pleasure

Polish Competition: ANIMATOR.PL
Michał Orzechowski
/ 12’ 57” / Poland
At the edge of the forest stood a house inhabited by a married couple and two adult sons. The film begins during their ordinary existence. A ringing alarm clock indicates that it is time to start the show. Father and son Andrew start a theater for the mother. The second son, Stephen is awaiting the arrival of his partner. A girl on a motorcycle pulls up to the cottage. Stefan quickly puts on his suit and jumps out the window. The couple is leaving.  
11.07 / 21:30
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14.07 / 20:30
Kino muza room 2
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Guilty Pleasure / Michał Orzechowski
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Guilty Pleasure / Michał Orzechowski
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Guilty Pleasure / Michał Orzechowski