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Another week with 12. IAFF 

MONDAY, 8.07

18:00 | CK Zamek - Kino Pałacowe | 50’
ANIMATION AS A STATEMENT |Non- fiction animation: animating reality: Janka / Adela Kaczmarek / Poland, 2018/
Janka is an intimate portrayal of Janina Ochojska - founder of the Polish Humanitarian Action. The  Film combines documentary materials, hand-drawn animation and unique 16 mm archive materials, it gives insight into the less well known face of the protagonist. Film proem by: Adela Kaczmarek, Małgorzata Bosek

18:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 66’
ANIMATION AS A STATEMENT | Janet Perlman: retrospektywa /retrospective 
Janet Perlman is an independent Canadian director with a slightly absurdist sense of humor. Recognized with numerous international film awards. She was also nominated to the Oscars. 

20:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 80’
The Annecy Festival is the oldest and largest event devoted to animated film in the world, featuring over 500 animated films, screened in eight cinema halls over one week. It showcases graduation films, series and special TV adaptations, music videos, advertisements and educational films. 

21:30 | Festival Club | 90’
SECOND HAND DRAG SHOW / TORREY PINES |Drag Show by Twoja Stara and Lola Eyeonyou Potocki before Torrey Pines film screening.  
DRAG SHOW prepared especially for ANIMATOR by Twoja Stara and Lola Eyeonyou Potocki will introduce the premiere screening of "Torrey Pines”. It is a stop-motion story by a transsexual animation artist, Clyde Petersen, based on true events, and kept in the queer punk stylistics.


20:00 | CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 60’
ANIMATION AS A STATEMENT | Georges Sifianos: retrospective
Georges Sifianos studied painting, animation and philosophy. The Greek author writes about animated cinema, a subject of his lectures at ENSAD. He was a former jury member at numerous animation festivals. His films are involved politically.

20:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 70’
ANIMOWANE SERIALE / ANIMATED SERIES | Adult Swim Presents - Harvey Birdman: Attorney General, Robot Chicken, Rick and Morty 
[Adult Swim] is a an adult-oriented nighttime programming block of the American children’s television Cartoon Network. This is a review of oddball, crazy series, filled with incorrigible, often sarcastic, sense of humor.

21:30 | Festival Club | 50’
Swimming into the Ineffable / Jodie Mack / Sundial / animation with live music 
A film project by an experimental artist from the USA, combined with music by a Polish jazz ensemble Sundial. “Swimming into the Ineffable” combines animation and a travel journal. The film occupies a place somewhere between a music documentary and a stroboscopic image archive.

23:00 | Festival Club | 50’
SILENT CINEMA | Different point of view – an animal’s perspective 
Nighttime Cinema presents madcap visions of the far future, crazy excursions into alternative worlds, different space-times and states of consciousness, breathtaking strolls of imagined, surreal lands, where logic and laws of physics are turned upside down. Different perception of reality guaranteed.