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Poznań becomes the global capital of animation. The 12th IAAF ANIMATOR launches today!

From this day to Thursday (July 5th - July 11th), the ANIMATOR International Animated Film Festival will present over 300 films. We welcome our guests from all over the world to join us in Poznań for our animated film celebration. Our visitors will be able to take part in more than 120 events. We guarantee an unforgettable adventure with animated film and music. Here's what we have in stock for the next few days.

FRIDAY, 5.07

16:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 80’ WALDEMAR KAZANECKI | Films with music by Waldemar Kazanecki
Waldemar Kazenecki is among the most prolific Polish composers. He wrote over 500 film scores, mostly for animated films, but also feature films and documentaries.

18:00 | CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 70’
SZKOŁY I FESTIWALE / SCHOOLS & FESTIVALS | 40- lecie animacji na Uniwersytecie Artystycznym w Poznaniu / The 40th Anniversary of Animation Studies at The University of the Arts in Poznań / PROGRAM I 
This year is the 40th anniversary of Animation Studies at the Poznań Institute of the Arts. The retrospective of short films and graduation films demonstrates the artistic diversity and the variety of attitudes among the young filmmakers of the Poznań school of animation. 

18:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 72’
ANIMATION AS A STATEMENT | RRealities in black&white /
A review of short films whose minimalistic and sketch-like stylistics provide a suggestive and disturbing commentary on our reality. 

21:30 | Festival Club | Festival opening / É in Motion - concert with animations /
É in Motion is a Polish-Japanese project. Features animation by Sumito Sakakibara with live music by artists from Poznań: composer Szymon Brzóska, pianist Barbara Drążkowska and violinist Maria Murawa-Fraska.


18:00 | Kino Muza | Sala nr 1 | 80’
ANIMATION FROM NORWAY | The Tower / Mats Grorud/ Norway, France, Sweden, 2018 /
A premiere screening of Mats Grorud’s film in Poland. Wardi, an eleven-year old lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon. When her beloved grandfather loses faith in return to their home in Galilee, the girl starts studying her family history to rediscover hope.

20:00 | CK Zamek | Sala Wielka | 84’
TIM ALLEN | Frankenweenie / Tim Burton / USA, 2012 /
Sparky, Victor’s beloved dog, dies ran over by a car. The boy draws upon the power of science to bring his best friend back. Victor tries to hide the changed dog from the world, but Sparky finally breaks free. Film proem by: Tim Allen. 

21:30 | Klub Festiwalowy / Festival Club | 40’
Felix the Cat with live music by big band Dizzy Boys/
A special screening of Felix the Cat cartoons with live music for the 100th anniversary of the most recognized animated character in the history of film. Felix, a black-and-white cat from silent cartoons was created in 1919 by an American director Pat Sullivan. The screening will be accompanied by the swinging big band Dizzy Boyz.

23:00 | Klub Festiwalowy / Festival Club | 40’
SILENT CINEMA | World of Tomorrow (episodes 1 & 2) / Don Hertzfeldt / USA, 2015-2017 
First screening of the Silent Cinema cycle. A young girl receives a mysterious call and contacts her future self. Together with her clone coming from the far future, they travel to a reality in which humanity has mastered cloning.

SUNDAY, 7.07

18:00 | Kino Muza | Sala nr 1 | 105’ TIM ALLEN  Isle of Dogs / Wes Anderson / Germany, USA, 2018
A story of a 12-year old Atari, raised by a corrupt mayor of the large city, Megasaki. After a special decree banishes all pet dogs to a large waste dump, Atari decides to fly to the “death island” to find his beloved friend.
Film proem by Tim Allen.

20:00 | CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 66’ ANIMATION AS A STATEMENT |Women’s voices 
A review of films by female autors which touch upon issues such as the role of women in society and the pressures associated with it. They speak about the female perspective on happiness, love and frendship, they talk about their rights, choices and the definition of identity.

21:30  Festival Club | 35’ Flow Control / Bret Battey - original audiovisual project with live music 
Bret Battey often enters into a dialogue with his own music and animation, which are based on unpredictable algorithms. The show features, among others: an audiovisual performance Triptych Unfolding, as well as a premieres of some of his new works created by a network of connected mathematical pattern generators. 

23:00 | Klub Festiwalowy / Festival Club | 82’ SILENT CINEMA / Sita sings the blues / Nina Paley / USA, 2008 
An animated version of the Hindu epic "the Ramayana," which uses music of a Jazz star from the 1920s - Annette Hanshaw. Sita is a contemporary woman abandoned by her husband. He told her they’re braking up by e-mail. Sita is also the name of a Hindu goddess who, according to legend, was married to prince Rama.