Each of us is an animator.

Is ‘animator’ a person, a process, or perhaps a mission? There are few cultural events in Poznań with names giving a clear message about their content, and at the same time being broad enough to acquire new meanings over time.

The rich output and increasing importance of the International Animated Film Festival are obvious. The artistic value of the festival is undeniable, and I would like to stress its role in (broadly defined) city life, the role achieved through the festival’s active and well-thought-out presence in Poznań’s public space. The open-air cinema in Park Wieniawskiego, which is to host Animator screenings for the second time this year, is a great example that proves how well the organisers understand the challenges faced by art managers. To create an event that satisfies both professionals and new festivalgoers is only half the battle; the other half is to know how to animate relations between audience members, and how to reach new audiences. For instance, in places which are not associated with the artistic sphere in any way. A growing number of city spaces ‘annexed’ by art and culture contributes to building an open community of inhabitants and visitors. A community in which each of us is an animator.

Jacek Jaśkowiak
Mayor of the City of Poznań