We are happy to announce that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded the International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR the status of the OSCAR® qualifying film festival. This is a major distinction for the festival, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The Poznań-based festival is one of three festivals in Poland that have been awarded the status of the Oscar qualifying festival. This is great news for all the artists who are planning to exhibit their films in the competition of the Animator Festival. The winner of the ANIMATOR Grand Prix (Golden Pegasus) will have a shortened path to Oscar nominations (ACADEMY AWARDS ®) in the Short Film category. It is worth recalling that submission of films to this year's competition began in November and the organizers will accept entries until February 20th 2017. The following can be submitted: short and full-length animated films created in any animation technique, completed after December 31th 2014. Competition entries can be submitted by art schools, film schools, production companies, film institutions, individual filmmakers or other entitled entities. The condition to admit a film to selection is completing the film entry form and meeting the conditions set out in the festival regulations of the 10 International Festival and Competition of Animated Films ANIMATOR \ 2017 in Poznań.

In accordance with the decision of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the award winners of qualifying festivals will be eligible for consideration in the Short Animated Film / Short Live Action Film category without the standard screening in theaters provided that the film meets the requirements of the Academy in all other aspects, as described in the rules at

The Animator has recognized by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as "the Academy Awards qualifying festival". What does that mean? First of all, it means that a well-respected institution behind the prestigious film awards called the Oscars regards the Animator as a festival with an established reputation around the world, which makes it a good fit for the list of the Academy-affiliated festivals. It also means that winning the Grand Prix at the Animator simplifies the road of the award-winning film to potentially becoming an Oscar nominee in the animated short film category. In other words, the winner of the Animator's main prize does not need to be displayed for seven days with at least one show a day in the cinema in Los Angeles that meets the technical conditions set out by the Academy. It can be submitted directly to the Academy for further selection. More than anything else, this solves the problem of the costs that need to be covered in order to rent a fitting screening room in the capital of the global film industry. Needless to say, there costs are considerable. Awarding the Oscar-qualifying festival status to the Animator significantly increases its attractiveness for creators and independent producers who, unlike major studios, have limited resources for the promotion of their production. It is worth noting that before the Animator this status had been granted only to eight animated film festivals with a longstanding reputation: Anima in Brussels, Anima Mundi in Rio de Janeiro, Animafest in Zagreb, Cinanima in Espinho (Portugal) and the international animated film festivals in Annecy, Ottawa, Stuttgart and Hiroshima. In Poland, in addition to the Animator, the privilege to nominate films for the Academy Awards has so far been granted only to two festivals that are not limited to animated films: the Kraków Film Festival and the Warsaw Film Festival.