New festival date

13. IAFF Animator will take place: 3-9.10.2020



Events in cycle

Janet Perlman: retrospective

08.07.2019 18:00 | 66'
Kino Muza

Janet Perlman is an independent director whose absurdist sense of humour is evident in herfilms The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin, Why Me?, My ...

Georges Schwizgebel: retrospective

10.07.2019 18:00 | 80'
CK Zamek, Kino Pałacowe

Georges Schwizgebel was born in Switzerland in 1944. After studies at the Ecole des arts décoratifs in Geneva he worked in an advertising agency fo...

Realities in black & white

05.07.2019 18:00 | 75'
Kino Muza

A review of short films with a minimalistic, sketch-like stylistics, a suggestive and disturbing commentary on our reality. Programme (72’0”)...

Women’s Voices

07.07.2019 20:00 | 70'
CK Zamek, Kino Pałacowe

During the 72th Cannes Film Festival, the British actress Tilda Swinton pointed out that the film industry has a problem not with the lack of femal...

Non-fiction animation: animating reality: Janka

08.07.2019 18:00 | 60'
CK Zamek, Kino Pałacowe

Janka / Adela Kaczmarek / Polska / Poland / 2018 / 50'0”Intro: Adela Kaczmarek, Małgorzata Bosek Janka is a very intimate portrayal of Janina Ocho...

Non-fiction animation: animating reality: Karski & The Lords of Humanity

11.07.2019 16:00 | 75'
CK Zamek, Kino Pałacowe

Karski i władcy ludzkości / Karski & The Lords of Humanity / Sławomir Grünberg / Polska / Poland, USA / 72’0”Intro: Sławomir GrünbergJan Karski, no...

Georges Sifianos: retrospective

09.07.2019 20:00 | 60'
CK Zamek, Kino Pałacowe

Intro: Georges Sifianos Program (60’0”)Smile / Grecja / Greece / 1974 / 2’0”Film made under conditions of censorship of the dictatorship colonels,...